Welcome to Prescott AZ – TS06

Mike has moved up from 14th to 11th at TS06.  Talked with him and he said was climbing uphill into the wind and with the desert heat.  He’s now heading down to Cottonwood (down to 3347 feet from 5459 feet) and then back up to 6840 feet for time station 8 in Flagstaff.  At one point they had to stop and put his feet in an ice bucket they were so hot.  He is in good spirits and feeling good.  He sounded very good and looking forward to cooler weather in the next few hours.  Talked to the crew and they are sounding a bit tired.  The RV had to take a detour because they could not go over the mountain pass so they are “out of the race” on a detour for 3 time stations until Flagstaff.  Ride on Michael. 



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