Race position through TS05 – 346 miles

He was in 15th place at TS04 and 14th place at TS05 by 4 minutes.  Here is a summary as of now, 2 hours after he passed through TS05 –
3 lead riders through ts07 – Rubic is in the lead by about 50 min. Dani Wyss just now came through ts07.
7 riders through ts06.
7 riders through ts05 and he is the 5th of those. Here was his distance behind those through ts05 when they came through

Who has slept?  We don’t know.  How is everyone feeling?  We don’t know.  In day 2 of a 10-12 day race, Michael is still settling in to his pace, mph increased over the last timing station but elevation changes and wind are still key.  Looks like we’ll have a good south wind going north towards Flagstaff and beyond to Tuba City timing station.


Last four riders:

Ts03 – averaging 11.89 mph

Complete up to date leaderboard.


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