Climbing to Flagstaff

Here is a video feed of Michael south of Flagstaff and time station 08 along with the GPS map view of the RV (006515) and Michael.  It’s great to see him working his way up the course.  Should be over the 450 mile mark by now.   Plans to stop tonight about 65 miles north of Flagstaff for a few hours of sleep.  Nicole and Valerie have secured a hotel room for comfort for him as a possibility, depending on when he needs to stop.  The crew sounds tired and I can tell they are going to have to get into a groove and system of their own which will be just as important as Michael settling into his race.  This is truly a team effort.  Often when I am on the phone or video with them they will say “wait a minute, he needs something” – tend to what he needs and come back to the phone. 



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