“It’s 90% Mental And The Other Half Is Physical”


I love the game of baseball because baseball is a metaphor for life. We don’t play to prepare for a chance in the major leagues. We play to prepare for life. There’s so much to learn. Practice. Preparation. Hustle. Being part of a team. Taking advantage of your opportunities. Keeping your eye on the ball. Taking calculated risks to put yourself in scoring position. Swinging for the fences. The frustration of crushing the ball only to get robbed. Playing hard. Striking out. Stretching a single into a double. Missing a sign. Dealing with a bad call. Making an error. Getting dirty. Suffering an injury. Battling and staying alive. Getting yourself out of a pickle. Keeping your head in the game. Having someone pick you up. Playing when it hurts. Making it home and knowing you’re safe. Winning with grace and losing with dignity. It’s all there in a single game in one afternoon. I love watching my son and all the kids play. Some days he’s on fire and some days he’s watching that 3rd strike go right by. I’m not going to lie, I’m pulling my hair out half the time. I’m no perfect father having my share of strike outs. 80% of the time I come up short. The other 20% I completely miss the mark. Honestly, I’m a work in progress. I know it and my family really knows it. Nothing exposes my faults more than being a husband/father. Yet, the best part of being a dad is just being there, front row with Nicole as our son plays his games while we’re cheering for him to do his best. For the most part, we are hoping nobody gets hurt and everybody has a good time. If only that was our aim in life: nobody gets hurt and everybody has a good time. Every now and then I try to celebrate the wins. So looking back, that’s what I’ll do: celebrate a few wins this past season. Our All-American All-Star baseball player brings so much joy (and a little gray hair) to my life, how lucky am I to have him call me dad. Super proud of his efforts in the classroom and on the field.

Remember what Yogi Bera said about baseball (life), “Baseball is 90% mental and the other half is physical.”

Let’s go out today, enjoy the game and cheer our loved ones on.


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