The Accidental Ironman

2 x 10 Workout At Donner Lake

2 x 10 Workout At Donner Lake

When Ironman Lake Tahoe was announced last year, I immediately passed. I knew that committing to the Ironman distance would likely put life completely out of balance. Too much training. Too much stressing over when and where I would finish. Then a couple hours later, I began to imagine being out there on the course and being in the race instead of just watching the race. It took about 1 hour after completing the online registration page to enventually hit the “Register” button, but I finally committed to another Ironman distance race. Registering proved to be a bittersweet moment.

Fast forward nearly 10 months later, and the competitive fire I thought would be burning by now has yet to be ignited. When I look inside myself, there’s nothing about the race that excites me. I’m having a hard time justifying spending hour upon hour training and taking my weekends away from time with Nicole and Dylan. Work already consumes about 50 hours a week. I try to get out for about 40-60 minutes of running 6 days a week. This gives me time to decompress from work and once or twice a week Dylan will join me on his bike (he’s great for about 5 miles at a 7:30 pace). And more than once as I’ve been lacing up the shoes for a brisk paced run, he’s asked to join me. And anytime he asks to go I always will choose a slower workout together over a workout alone. Any time a child is asking to become involved, it’s an opportunity to engage that child in the activity instead of leaving them on the sidelines. I have some great memories of us strolling down some dirt trail.

So two months before race day, I realized I needed to do some sort of focused training. My running endurance needs to increase to the marathon level and I need to spend time on the bike. I used to be able to ride about 50 minutes once or twice a week during lunch. This year I’ve been luckily to ride once a week on Fridays. My training for the Devil Mountain Double was one 80 mile ride and a couple of 50 mile rides. I try to avoid talking about how many miles I can train as it is somewhat similar to discussing money and how much one banks. “Hey everybody, I just deposited my paycheck this week and it was …” For the most part, it does not interest me, except I realize there’s a minimum amount needed for completing Ironman and not imploding. Without going crazy, my plan is to increase the training to:


  • Running 50 miles a week with working up to 18 mile long runs
  • Biking up to 100 miles a week with 2-3 rides a week, with working up to 50 mile long rides


  • Running 60 miles a week with working up to marathon distance
  • Biking up to 150 miles a week with working up to 80 mile long rides

Honestly, this is the best case scenario. Most days, by the time I am done with work I am more in survival mode than training mode. I have no real expectations on finish times. I simply want to have a good experience and work through the challenges of the day. I love the venue of Ironman Lake Tahoe and am sure there will be some competive juices bubbling up during the race.

July is coming together close to the plan. Last weekend, I was able to get my longest run of the year while pacing Bob Shebest to his Tahoe Rim Trail 100 Mile Run victory. Bob had run the race twice before and his third attempt was masterful.

Running that trail also provides some special memories. Views are spectacular. The section along the Snow Valley ridge at 9,000 feet under the stars is a favorite. And Bob didn’t fail to deliver an epic performance. He finished about 2 hours ahead of 2nd place and never let up one bit the last 80 miles.

Bob is also a student of the sport and loves to share his experience and what helps him succeed. If you want to know the secret to winning the Tahoe Rim Trail 100 Mile race, check out his blog:

Before I know it, this too shall pass.


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