Blogging At 30,000 Feet

Flying Over Desolation Wilderness

Flying Over Desolation Wilderness

I find travelling tends to be the time when technology and gadgets shine and also when they create the most headaches. Take even the fact of writing this blog post. My laptop is too big to pull out of the bag during this flight so I tried using my smartphone to write a post. But the Android WordPress app doesn’t cache any posts. This means without an internet connection during the flight my phone has no access to WordPress. This left me with my final out: the iPad, where I can compose in the WordPress app while offline. So although it would have been an interesting experiment in blogging on my G2x smartphone, it just wasn’t going to be easy.

The process of making it on the plane can be a challenge. How I long for the days when technology actually simplifies life. Emptying my backpack through security reveals this love/hate relationship. Laptop. Tablet. Phone. GPS watch. And that’s only the first grey bin. I enjoy the iPad but I find it a consuming device that lacks most of the production tools that I need. Steve Jobs called the PC the truck, but a lot of people want smaller, more efficient vehicles. But I still need a truck. So I’m very interested in Windows 8 on a tablet that was shown at the Build conference a couple weeks ago.

Even though I haven’t posted the past two months, a lot has been going on. For one, work has been consuming most of my time and energy. The work demands have always been constant but I don’t remember being this busy in a long time. Definitely positive but by the end of the day I’m pretty much exhausted. And Nicole has been keeping busy with her photography. The past few weekends we’ve been on the road for photo shoots and weddings. Her pictures are amazing yet they continue to get better.

Last month we had a fun time celebrating Nicole’s birthday rafting down the Truckee River. As one of her presents this year, I took Dylan to the Dollar Store for a little fun. I gave him $5 so he could buy mom 5 presents, “things you think mommy would like.” The shopping took a while and we had some fun but the best part was Nicole opening them: Dora the Explorer towelletes, a gardening shovel, Whoppers and pink and purple “girl” socks.

A few Saturdays ago, while Dylan and I were hanging out in Santa Rosa, I wanted to go for a run in Annadel and take Dylan with me. We parked at Howarth Park and he rode his bike up Canyon, almost to the Lawndale trail, and that’s about where we turned around. I never imagined that my 3 year old son would be hitting the trails with me on his little bike but man was I a happy father in the park that Saturday. And he keeps pedalling a little farther each week. Ever since he was born, I would usually take him once a week with me on a run and push him in a jogging stroller. I always thought I would keep at it, every day lifting him in the stroller over a little gate on our route. And every few weeks, after he gained another pound or two, it would be like the story of the Milo of Croton who every day lifted a calf, day after day, while the calf grew so did the man’s strength, until one day the calf had grown into a bull and the man could still lift the bull. But now our boy is over 50 pounds and wants to ride his bike instead of being pushed in the jogging stroller. So last week was the first time we did a route close to our normal weekly route while he rode his bicycle and I ran. I think we averaged close to a 9 minute mile pace for 6 miles.

Dylan comming down Canyon in Annadel

Dylan comming down Canyon in Annadel

As summer has come to an end, I’m looking forward to the fall weather and not having to worry about the rattlesnakes on the trail. This year I’ve seen more than any other year. I’m starting to take pictures of all the wildlife I run into. Last week I tried taking a time lapse of running up in Tahoe. I’ll do this again after ironing out some of the issues.

Well, the pilot has announced that we are making our final approach. This has been a decent flight. I learned a little and did a bit of writing. And luckily I didn’t have my laptop on my lap with the 15″ screen open when the guy in front of me decided to recline his seat. Now let me cross my fingers as I hit the Update button…

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