When The Sun Refuses To Shine

Stage 2 Time Trial: Can't See But Can Feel Kayden Breathing Down My Neck On the Foresthill Bridge Up To Auburn

Stage 2 Time Trial: I Emerge From The Fog and Can Feel Kayden Breathing Down My Neck On the Foresthill Bridge Up To Auburn

This year was going to try to be a repeat of last year with an all out effort at the Resolution 10 Mile Run and trying to match my last year time of 1:03. Well that didn’t happen in part because of the Resolution Ride that morning hosted by Troy and Robin. This was my first year entering the 24 mile Resolution Ride, with 2 Time Trial stages. With the rain falling all night and all morning, I kept hoping an email would show up on my phone that the event was canceled due to inclement weather. But the email never came so I headed to the garage. Dressed in multiple layers, I glanced at the Cervelo and the Cervelo looked at the rain coming down and immediately gave me the “Don’t even think about it” look. But next to the Cervelo sat my old Trek, waiting for any opportunity to spin its wheels. I didn’t even have to ask. In a second, it was filling its tires and shouting “Take me! Take me!”.

I knew I made a mistake when I rolled into the parking lot and saw Troy wearing a foot cast and faking producing some toe injury which meant he would “have” to drive. While the men wanted the shortest route possible, Jessica voted against shortening the 24 mile route so any hopes of a making it home a little early and drier were dashed. Nicole and Dylan drove the course taking some really terrific pictures. After about 15 mile warmup we arrived at Stage 1: A 3+ mile climb from the bottom of Stage Coach to the top of Old Foresthill Road. Troy owned the previous record for the climb at 15:56 but any shattered records will include an asterisk along with the footnote “But Troy did not compete” and history will never know what might have been… It may have been that even with a cleat mounted on the bottom of that cast, Troy may have gone sub 15:00…

Lance Slicing Through The Rain During Stage 1

Lance Slicing Through The Rain During Stage 1

Stage 1 Results – 3 Mile Climb (Elevation Gain 880′)

Place Name Time Pace
1 Michael Cook 15:07* 11.9 MPH
2 Kayden Kelly 15:27* 11.7 MPH
3 Lance Loveday 15:49* 11.4 MPH
4 Robin Soares 19:00 9.5 MPH
5 Jessica Bonner 19:46 9.1 MPH
* New Course Record But Troy Did Not Compete This Year

Stage 2 Results – 1.2 Mile Climb (Elevation Gain 300′)

Place Name Time Pace
1 Kayden Kelley 5:25 13.3 MPH
2 Michael Cook 5:31 13.1 MPH
3 Lance Loveday 5:41 12.7 MPH
4 Robin Soares 6:36 10.9 MPH
5 Jessica Bonner 6:51 10.5 MPH

Stage 3 Results – 10K or 10 Mile Run

Loving The Muddy Resolution Run 10 Miler

Loving The Muddy Resolution Run 10 Miler

Place Name Time Pace
1 Michael Cook (10 Mile) 1:06:53 6:41
2 Dave Campbell (10 Mile) 1:13:27 7:20
3 Tom Barnett (10 K) 46:26 7:29
4 Jim Kepfer (10 Mile) 1:15:23 7:32
5 Robin Soares (10 Mile) 1:16:04 7:36
6 Mo Bartley (10 Mile) 1:19:02 7:54
7 Kayden Kelly (10 K) 55:30 8:57
8 Lance Loveday (10 K) 55:56 9:01
9 Jessica Bonner (10 Mile) 57:04 9:12
10 Tim Loveday (10 K) 1:05:45 10:36

After Stage 2, I rode home but Nicole and Dylan hadn’t made it back yet. I had no key and the hide-a-key is hidden so well I couldn’t find it. I was shivering. It was raining. So I stripped down to my shorts, ran into the backyard and climbed into the hot tub. Perfect! The water felt so good I seriously debated calling it a day and skipping the run. But pretty soon, Nicole and Dylan arrived home and I wolfed down half an In-n-Out Burger and then headed over to the start of the run. And a muddy run it was and my legs just didn’t have the bounce needed to push the pace. Between mile 2 and 3 I dropped from the pack and settled into 4th, running the next 7 miles alone. 3 minutes slower than the 1:03 finish time the year before and this year’s average 163 heart rate was well behind last year’s 167 average heart rate during the same run. Funny how when you think you are giving 100%, you probably could have eked out just few more beats per minute. Well done to some of the Tuesday night track buddies that ran the Resolution Run. I’ve skipped the December speed sessions but will be back out there with you soon.

Which brings me to a good conversation piece that came up a few nights ago at Buca di Beppo. Was the 2010 Western States course faster? Sort of like was the 2010 Resolution Ride faster? Was the 2010 Resolution Run slower? I think it is impossible to compare times of different races. It’s amazing the times for the 100 mile runs keep getting faster but it’s not an even comparison to look at one year over another year. Even with identical distances, there are too many factors that impact performance. One of the biggest factors is weather. It can be easy to look at a result and think “I ran a better time at some other race so I could have beaten so and so.” Course records are deceiving. You cannot accurately compare a 2010 race to a 2008 race even if it’s the same course. 2008 may have had temps in 115’s and little snow and 2010 may have had temps in the 90’s but lots of snow. The only way to know is to toe the line that day and run the exact same race. The clock will be the judge. There’ll be no guessing, could have, would have, should have. So was Geoff Roes’ 2010 Western Statues record legit and really the course record? Absolutely, he was the fastest.

And as is often the case, isn’t it the race you just completed that ends up being the hardest yet?

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