Loooking Ahead and Looking Back

Kayden Kelly Showing How It's Done During My Rare MTB Ride

Kayden Kelly Showing How It's Done During My Rare MTB Ride

December is closing fast, the rivers are rising, the days are too short and the occasional night run can be downright California cold (long sleeve may be required). We’ve had record-setting rain this month but we still took the bikes out for some mountain bike action on Troy’s birthday last Saturday. A good 20 mile ride out to Clementine and then down Mammoth Bar and up the heart-pounding Stage Coach. Kayden led the charge, followed closely by Troy – both riding single speeds.

After the ride and a thorough hose down, we watched the Ironman Kona Championship. Did you see it? Did you see the marathon battle between Macca and Raelert and when Raelert caught Macca around mile 22? They ran shoulder to shoulder until the final mile or so. In the heat of the battle, Macca even gave Raelert a sponge to cool off. Macca who wants to see his opponents suffer. Macca who wants to be the punisher. There he was offering his opponent a cool sponge. Then he offers a handshake! With a couple of miles to go, Macca says something to Raelert and then offers a handshake, like two fighters coming out for the final round and tapping gloves in mutual respect before they try to knock each other out. And then at the next aid station around mile 25, as Raelert reaches for a cup, Macca surges and Raelert cannot match his stride. It’s a couple of steps. Then a couple of yards.  Then he is gone. Macca finishes in 1st with a 2:43 marathon. And while we are enjoying the NBC footage, we see a shot of Tim Twietmeyer running the marathon. Well done Tim!

And before you know it, the wheels start to turn and the big zero slowly spins and the one starts to appear. And there it is: 2011. In many ways, 2010 was still a recovery year on my limited schedule. I would often joke that I was still recovering from RAAM but I think there was a little truth in that remark. Physically, the effects had gone but mentally there was still little desire to push and reach. In 2011, I’ll feed the fire and put some races on my calendar that will push me. The only 100 mile run I really desire to do is the Hardrock 100. However just to gain entry into the lottery, I need to complete another 100 mile trail run. So I’m seriously considering adding Leadville to the list and using that as my qualifier without going overboard with monster miles. What’s the Minimum Effective Dose (MED) on training for a successful 100 mile effort while balancing family and work? I’ll take a break from most of the marathon pacing but may fill in depending on timing and schedules.

Date Event
1-1-2011 Resolution Run 10 Miles
3-12-2011 Way Too Cool 50K
4-9-2011 American River 50 Mile Endurance Run
4-17-2011 Annadel Half Marathon
4-??-2011 Devil Mountain Double
5-1-2011 Auburn Downtown Criterium
5-22-2011 Auburn Triathlon – World’s Toughest Half
6-4-2011 The Wildest Ride In The West 140 Miles
7-17-2011 Tahoe Rim 50 Mile
8-20-2011 Leadville 100 Trail Run
12-4-2011 California International Marathon

Looking ahead and looking back. 2010 provided some terrific highlights and memories. Can’t forget CIM just a few weeks ago and meeting some new friends along the way and catching up with some old ones in those 26 miles. And I was very proud to see Dave Campbell fly across that finish line in 3:18 and qualifying for Boston. Here’s my Garmin data from CIM. But after CIM, I’ve taken a little breather. Put on a few pounds. Tried to let some of the nagging aches and pains go away.

Pacing 3:10 and some strong runners at the California International Marathon

Pacing 3:10 and some strong runners at the California International Marathon

Here’s a couple of comments from some of those that I ran with at CIM:

Thanks a million for your encouragement and leadership at the CIM.  You set a great, steady pace throughout the race.  I was fortunate enough to feel strong throughout the race and was typically ahead of the group by about 20 yards for the first 20 miles.  From then on, I stayed with you (shoulder to shoulder) to the end.  I appreciate the High 5 from you at the finish.  Thanks for the 3:09:34, it gives me the NYC qualifier I came to this race to get.

G. Scott Manis, FACHE
Chief Executive Officer
Doctors Hospital at White Rock Lake

I found your email on the CIM website for Pace Group Leaders.  I have been training for CIM since this fall after racing some shorter distances this summer.  It was my 7th marathon and by the time I got to the start line I knew I was in good shape but a bit burned out from a long training season and busy life.  I’d come to the marathon with a group of friends who were a few minutes faster than me and I wasn’t sure who I was going to run with during the race or how I was going to run it.  I heard mixed things about pace groups and wasn’t sure if I should go for it on my own or try to run with the group.  Late Saturday I decided to run with the group and it was the best decision I could have made.

I crossed the finish line with and 11 minute PR (I was the girl in the purple tank top and white compression socks).  I finished in 3:09.15 and just wanted to thank you for not only pacing our group but for your encouraging words along the way.  I ran almost exactly even splits, my second half marathon was 15 seconds faster than my first.  I wasn’t having a great day, my legs were feeling flat and tired but our coach had told us over and over again the importance of running in a group so I just hung in there and kept going.  I just wanted you to know that you did a great job and I wanted to thank you as well.

I really can’t tell you how much I appreciate what you did for us on Sunday.

Thank you again,

Robyn Hefner
Seattle, Washington

And for me, looking back, my Top 5 memories of this past year:

Number 5: Seeing the Grand Canyon for the 1st time

Number 4: Running the PCT in Tahoe

Number 3: Bob’s Mt. Shasta Bachelor Party

Number 2: Vacation to Alaska with Nicole and Dylan

Number 1: Seeing Dylan riding his pedal bike next to me at 2 1/2 years old


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