Ready For California International Marathon

Davis 5K Stroller Turkey Trot

Davis 5K Stroller Turkey Trot

The end of 2010 marathon season has just about arrived. The California International Marathon marks the end of the year as far as marathons for me. I’m looking forward to running tomorrow and pacing the 3:10 group, minus the running stroller. There always seem to be a few people running in the pace group that want to know exactly how many marathons the pace guy has run – not including ultras or ironmans. I’ve never counted but tonight I went back and added just the marathons. At 40 years old, I’ve run a paltry 40 marathons and tomorrow will be 41. Not sure I want to reach the 100 club but at least I’m averaging just over one per year. And since we are often only as good as our last race, not sure any of those really matter.

Busy weekend for many friends. Between those participating in CIM, those running the North Face 50 Miler Endurance Challenge and those crossing their fingers at the Western States 100 Miler Lottery, there’s something for all the runners.

Dylan and I are fresh off finishing the Davis 5K Stroller Turkey Trot where we placed 3rd with a 18:53 finish. Our slow twitch muscles are not accustomed to the sub 6 minute pace we needed to maintain for 1st. Dylan and I had a good time battling it with all the other stollers. Congrats to Dave Campbell who pushed Isabella and Robin Soars who pushed Ariel. The Tuesday night track sessions seem to be helping everybody.

More than happy just to be running these days. A couple weeks ago, I was coming down the stairs while carrying Dylan and my foot slipped. Down I went and landed hard on my back on the edge of a stair. Both of us were writhing in pain for a few minutes and it took more than a week for my ribs to heal. So between the injuries, the cold and dark nights, there hasn’t been a lot of quality training the past few weeks but I was able to hit the trails with Bob on Thanksgiving morning and have been able to get a couple of decent tempo runs at night leading into tomorrow.

So whether you are running the marathon tomorrow or recovering from the North Face Endurance Challenge today or putting together your Western States 100 Miler training plan, enjoy the moment.


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