Perfect Day

Such a perfect day when you come to mind
I wanted to smile the last time I saw you
But all that you could see were my insensitive tears
The sun was out like it is now
I’ve stopped on this side of the mountain
Sometimes, in moments like these,
I just want you to know that I still think about you
I wish I knew
Does your son make you proud like a son should
If we could just stand here together
I’d trade all these trees and mountains for one of you
Then I could tell you about the perfect day
I’ve stopped midrun
On the way back to see my waiting family
Goodbye again
How do I say it to you so it sticks
I know I said we’d see each other again
But I’m afraid that might not happen
I’ll keep visiting you on these trails
Keep me company
Take me home when I’m tired

Sometimes thoughts come at the oddest times. I was 15 miles into a 20 mile run when I had to stop and unload these thoughts using my cell phone on the edge of a mountain. Nothing other than my thoughts in the middle of a run. Sometimes the run is empty and almost lonely. Other times I’m solving problems and return inspired. And then there are times when the brain seems to turn on a slide show from the past and my emotions are chasing me down as I clearly and vividly remember, actually and honestly feel, all the good and hard times in life. Is this the runner’s high? No, those are the inspired runs when life is clear and the pace effortless. For me, these flashback runs are the times when I reconnect with the part of life that often is overrun by the nonstop busyness of life.


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