Cyclocross – Who Invents These Sports?

Sacramento Cyclocross Finale

Sacramento Cyclocross Finale


To skip all the text and go straight to the pictures I took of yesterday’s Sacramento Cyclocross Finale, then click here. I’ll leave this post short and hopefully sweet. No complaining about all the work to do, the endless demands and the shrinking workforce. Instead let’s focus on the positives of life and being able to enjoy life outside on the weekends. 

Yesterday, I stuck to the old Saturday morning routine then did something I normally would not do: I spent a couple hours just watching a race, just walking around and aimlessly wandering through the fields with a camera around my neck. How fun it is to enjoy the experience from the sidelines and shout words of encouragement while others test their limits. And how hard it is to try to capture that experience through someone else’s eyes. 

I haven’t done any long runs since California International Marathon and so yesterday, before a week of stormy weather rolls in, I headed out to Cool for a relaxing 20 mile trail run. When I came home around 11:30 AM, the house was quiet and Dylan was already asleep for his afternoon nap. A friend, Rob Feldman, had passed along a link to the Sacramento Cyclocross Finale Race that was taking place at Folsom Lake in the afternoon, so I decided to drive over and see what Cyclocross is all about. My expectation was sort of “ride and tie but on mountain bikes”. How wrong could I be. It’s like when we were kids and we would go to the BMX track on Saturdays, but it’s for adults and the bikes look like they cost a lot more than my 1980 Mongoose BMX minus the padding around my handlebar. I watched a couple races and had a fun time playing with Nicole’s Canon 7D camera trying to capture the cyclists screaming by. It’s funny how events go on like this every weekend and unless you tap into that community, you have no idea. (And once again the world reminds me that it does not revolve around me.) I had no idea there are so many fun people who like to race on modified road bikes and dirt trails where they throw some obstacles on the course and force you to dismount every now and then. Who invents these sports? 

In the 2 hours, I took about 900 pictures. Obviously, I went a little crazy! Out of the 900, I’ve posted a fraction on Nicole’s SmugMug site. I’m all ears for learning about f/stops, ISO, shutter speed so if you have any advice, feel free to pass it my way.


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