My Plea To Hardrock Is In The Mail Tomorrow


Hardrock 100

The application says to limit your answer to 500 words or less, and describe why your entry for the 2010 Hardrock should be accepted. Here’s my plea:

Unlike many of the other entrants and the stories they will weave to gain entry to your most prestigious race, I’ll be honest with you. Really, why should my entry for Hardrock be accepted? At first I thought, you need me to write a letter, begging to pay you to run 100 miles, exposing myself to physical injury, scrambling through the night over 14,000′ peaks, being chased by mountain lions and bears, and suffering extreme weather conditions? [Violin Music Starts] I am but a poor soul whose thirst for adventure and challenge leaves my pockets empty and my head dreaming of endless trails leading to nowhere. Yes, I’ve dined at the aid stations of other so called Ultras and have been handed their belt buckles. I’ve cruised over the trails and climbed out of the canyons at Western States. I’ve glimpsed heaven and tasted hell at Tahoe Rim 100. I’ve competed in others that would probably make you laugh at their feeble attempt to be called an Ultra or Ironman. And I’ve even ridden the roads of Race Across America, also known as the toughest bicycle race on earth. Yet none of these tempt me like Hardrock. [Drums Play] Let me fill my water bottles, toe your start line and see if my freshly shaven legs think your course is worthy of its reputation. And when I cross that finish line and utter the words, “Now that was a race”, we will have agreed the entry fee was well deserved. [Fade To Image of Exhausted Yet Smiling Runner At Finish]


3 thoughts on “My Plea To Hardrock Is In The Mail Tomorrow

    • After sleeping on it, I made need to spice it up a bit and include a bottle or two of wine that can be enjoyed as my application is reviewed. Just in case, make sure you keep that date open (the week before TRT) for pacing and wildlife protection responsibilities.

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