My Friend, Time

Time to dream a new dream
To work a little harder, breathe in deeper
To learn a new language in a fresh voice
To chase a different night’s star
Time to feel more of your day and less of what I know
The hand keeps ticking, turning our way
I think he knows how much I’m trying to squeeze up ahead
Now is the time to start living from the deserts to the mountaintops
from this side to the other
To cover us in all the colors of daybreak to nightfall
To take the time to look around and extend my hand
Now is not the time to be getting older

– Written the night my biological clocked flipped to 39.


4 thoughts on “My Friend, Time

  1. Great Poem. Some advice . . .

    Don’t use I, or the use of 1st person in poems like you wrote, because it makes the poems only yours. Unless you are famous, better to include everyone else. My advice is to use a more general term like, “you, someone, or etc.”

    Source: Spanish Lit Major

    Your poem was defiantly passionate!

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