Dylan’s First Duathlon

Another weekend and another race. Again this one had me more of a spectator but I did do some pacing. Troy and Robin Soares hosted a kids’ duathlon (run/bike) for their daughter’s 4 year old birthday party. We asked Dylan if he wanted to enter even though he had not been training and he answered in the affirmative, “Yep!” So Saturday he borrowed a bike (3 wheeled version) and toed the starting line with the other athletes, all were older and many twice or more his age. Temps were approaching triple digits at the start and once the “gun” went off, it took him a few seconds to start his running engine. But he did awesome and we had a blast. Nicole cheered us on and took some video. At only 21 months, Dylan won his age group. Probably only parents can appreciate how an ordinary picture/video of their child can bring tears to their eyes. I think we’ve watched these clips no less than a hundred times the past two days and laughed each time. Thanks Troy and Robin for putting on a fantastic event. Congrats to all the other competitors out there who toughed it out!

The start

Dylan completely impressed me. I think he actually understood that he was in a race and he was supposed to run. Obviously we just had fun with it but he seemed to be running his race.

The bike

Dylan had a little problem holding his line during the bike course, often swerving left or right. This is one area he will need to improve on to bring his overall time down.

On a sadder note, I was out on a short ride and my ZIPP 404 front wheel cracked after hitting a pothole in the road. I’ve had the ZIPP wheels for less than 2 months and the crack looks like it is right on the seam of 2 carbon pieces. Hopefully, ZIPP will be able to do something.

My ZIPP 404 Cracked Wheel

My ZIPP 404 Cracked Wheel


One thought on “Dylan’s First Duathlon

  1. Tell Dylan I am impressed with his cool at the start and “racing his own race.” Great pacing Dad, once again. ; )

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