Much Gratitude

I cannot say enough how much your emails and postings meant to me – and the crew – during the race. Today was the first opportunity I had to actually go through the website and read all the postings and comments. So cool. From the incredible amount of well-wishes from all of you to the live video footage, to the personalized weather warnings, to the amount of people tracking our progress, it was and is amazing. Never knew so many of you were interested in cycling. Pete Tanguay and Dave Campbell – very impressive! The website feels so lifeless now.

Almost two weeks have passed since finishing RAAM. Immediately after crossing the finish line, we drove over to the Red Roof Inn where Scott Stocker had provided us with rooms. Thanks Scott! It was probably close to 6:30 AM when we finally settled into our room and this was about the time Dylan’s internal alarm clock sounded. After unsuccessfully trying to encourage him to sleep a little longer, around 7:30 AM Nicole took him out to the RV to play and give me a few hours of sleep. Around 10:30 AM we were packing up and needed to drive the crew to the airport for their flights. Everybody had flights for Sunday but since I had finished on Monday morning, we missed their flights and had to buy new tickets. Luckily, flights were available and tickets not too expensive. It was then time for another race. This time we had 3 days to drive the RV back across the country so it could be returned by Thursday. So Nicole, Dylan, Valerie and I drove as much as we could for 3 days and returned the RV to the Bay Area around 10 PM on Thursday night. Then Nicole’s mom came over to watch Dylan so we could rest and unpack on Friday. No matter where you go, it always feels good to come home. Something about sleeping in your own bed.

Saturday we drove over to Clear Lake for the 4th of July at the Carlsons. Had a great time seeing a lot of friends. More Starbucks for the late night drive home. I think if I had been pulled over, my caffeine blood level would have been way over the legal limit and they would have arrested me on the spot. Sunday morning I went for my normal run with Dylan and our time was 10 minutes slower than usual. My calves were burning and my feet asleep. And on this run, near the Overlook, I see Tim Twietmeyer come running from the opposite direction with more than a hundred other runners chasing him. Found out later he is leading a 7 week training program with Mo Bartley and taking runners on all the classic trails in the area. A few minutes later I look down in the Chariot, and Dylan’s out, head back and eyes closed, sleeping in the morning sun.

Back at work this past week. Each day feeling better. All but a few toes have awakened from their slumber. Next Saturday Bob Shebest will be running the Tahoe Rim 100 and I’m slated to pace him the final 25 miles. I’m really looking forward to being on that trail, headlamps on and pushing Bob through to the finish. I hope I don’t get dropped!

Nicole put together the cool video of RAAM. Did we really just do that? I don’t remember 11 days, felt more like 4 or 5. But in a second the body speaks. “Yes” say my calves, “Yes we did.”


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