On The Road And No Sleep For The Weary

Crossing the Southwest

Crossing the Southwest

Just a quick note since I haven’t had time yet to post anything about the race. First, thanks to a fantastic crew who worked tirelessly around the clock to meet each and every one of my needs. They would read your comments to me during meal breaks or from the window of the follow car. They made sure I was comfortable and didn’t have to worry about anything but moving forward. They slept in a very tight place, often only getting an hour or two here and there. They made the trip fun. They took turns playing with Dylan. I am so grateful to have had the group of people that I did. This was not the easiest journey but one that I don’t think any of us will forget. And thanks to Pete for telling our story through the blog.

This was such a tough race in so many areas that it is hard to put into words and accurately paint a picture of what it was like. I was tested in ways I’ve never been tested. I still need a day or two to digest the experience and I have so many thoughts I hope I can share. Check back in the next day or two for more details. For now, thank you for all your encouragement during the race. During those times of wanting to stop, I was reminded that someone back home was willing us forward. The entire team says thanks! And I’m sorry for requesting so much Bruce Springsteen and Coldplay during the race. Those two bands kept me going well into the night. Sorry Jody, but maybe Bruce will grow on you!


4 thoughts on “On The Road And No Sleep For The Weary

  1. Michael,
    Thanks for letting us share such an incredible experience with you. I had never even heard of the race before learning of your quest, but I will never forget my first encounter with it. I have a friend who has conquered the Race Across America and he is AWESOME!

  2. Michael,

    Well Done! Great job by the Crew! Thanks for letting us all come along for the ride. It was a great adventure. I can’t believe Jody does not like The Boss. He must not appreciate good music. My best to Nicole & Dylan. See you in the Fall for marathon season.


  3. I’m less suprised by Michael finishing RAAM (we all knew you could do it) than I am by the news that Jody doesn’t like The Boss…I mean, that’s just un-American!

    Great job again to you and your posse – a job spectacularly done!


  4. Michael,

    What an amazing and inspiring accomplishment! Congratulations. Lee and I were talking about you and looking forward to your updates. We were cheering you on from your hometown.

    Awesome job to you and your team!


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