Mission Accomplished


There were so many comments that came through the website on the last day.  703 hits to the site on the last day set the record for per day hits showing incredible support.  I’ll let this comment posted by one of those people sum up my (and probably all of our) thoughts for this event and I turn the blog back over to Michael who I am sure will post his thoughts and photos after he gets some rest.  It was a great ride for all of us.  Thanks, Michael, Nicole, Bernadette, Dave, Jody, Richard, Valerie and Dylan.

Annapolis, Here He Comes! And What a Great Finish it Will Be!

With less than 40 miles left to go Michael, we know there so is much going through your head right now. The adrenaline must be running so high while the body begs for rest. First and foremost, let the moment soak in and realize and appreciate what you have just achieved! Congratulations to a remarkable athlete and human being! You are amongst the 200 people in this world to have ever FINISHED RAAM! Is that absolutely incredible or what!!!!! Only the finest and fittest could take on and complete such a rigorous race and work it to the finish. Only the courageous could continue on when the end seemed so far away. Only the determined could fight til the end. Only the greatest look at this incredible journey and humbly share the glory with those around them (aka Your Astonishing Crew, Nicole and Little Dylan) You have achieved and far exceeded each and every one of these, Michael, in so many ways. For the past 11 days we have been consumed watching your RAAM race and your unbelievable determination and perseverance, your personal commitment to finishing RAAM and your bravery when faced with adverse situations. You fought to the end and worked so incredibly hard to beat the odds and finish this race…and YOU ARE DOING IT RIGHT NOW! . You have openly invited each of us to be a part of this race with you we thank you for this wonderful opportunity. You have pushed yourself to the limit and taught us so many life lessons throughout your journey. You, nor we, will be the same after witnessing such a fierce struggle and incredible sacrifice by an individual to do everything that it takes to make a dream come true. All things are possible when you believe!


5 thoughts on “Mission Accomplished

  1. CONGRATULATIONS to you Michael and to your amazing team as well! Bask in the glow of the light and the moment, and the realization that you have DONE IT!

  2. As if we didn’t already know it, it is now official…Michael is a complete badass.

    Congrats to you and your crew – what an amazing accomplishment by all of you! I’m really glad we got to see you during the ride – it really puts into perspective how epic this achievement is, and how much teamwork it took to do it.

    Rest up and recover and we’ll see you at some marathon this fall (assuming marathons are even worth your time now – they’re so easy by comparison!)

  3. Congratulations Michael and Crew!

    You are ALL truly amazing! Thank you so much for allowing me to be part of this journey, a man acheiving his dream with so much love and support!

    Absolutely Incredible!!

    It brings tears to my eyes, joy to my heart and a smile on my face, just imagining what you must be feeling.

    Rest up and Feel the Dream that you have so graciously achieved!

    Congratulations Again….God has blessed us all!

  4. Yes, that said it so well for me as well: “You, nor we, will be the same after witnessing such a fierce struggle” I really won’t. To see you go through the ‘downs’ and then fight back to gain ground, and then struggle again, and then set even faster goals, and somehow pumping yourself up and going for it.. until almost collapse.. and then waking up, pressing forward for one huge effort that last day to beat the cutoff by 12 hrs… it WAS a fierce struggle but yet you were calm and composed. Driven by something unseen. When you stopped I was anxious when you’d start going. When you started going, I wondered how you possibly could. I wanted you to go but at the same time felt it was impossible. A couple times you got behind schedule and I could hear the work being done on your ankle. I told Robin it looked impossible to get over the mountains and make up the cutoff. But you did it, it was unbelievable, I couldn’t stop watching, I will always remember that. Out-of-the-saddle for miles and miles…. how your ankle held up only God knows.

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