Through TS49

The end is definitely getting near.  Last TS average was 12.5 which is a strong finish for Michael.  I’d love to know what is going through his head right now, other than the focus of completing the task.  We all wish we could be there to see you ride in Michael.



2 thoughts on “Through TS49

  1. Sure was! TS49 was one of the fastests splits of ALL the riders. Both legs 48 and 49 have been exciting.. he’s exceeding the already tough time goals in place.
    Michael, don’t know how you do it so depleted. You are a warrior. Watching you stand all the way up those hills is mind-boggling. 131mi to go! You’re awesome.

  2. OMG!

    I have been home for my class reunion, but not without watching and talking about your incredible determination, courage and spirit. I am blessed to know you. Keep going Michael your almost home.. The dream will no longer be a dream, but a dream come true! You are an inspiration to us all!

    All I can say is “WOW” !!



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