The Most Glorious Day Yet!

Hi Michael……Today is It! RAAM Finish line is in view and you are so close. It’s unimaginable to comprehend what you have accomplished in a mere week and a half: from the starting point of the race in Oceanside, knowing there were over 3000 tremultuous miles of biking ahead of you, and so many unknowns. Did that frighten you? NO WAY. You faced the race knowing you would have challenges to overcome and willing to deal with them whatever ever they may be. You’ve biked through ice storms, rain storms, lightning storms, climbed thousands and thousands of miles of elevation, survived excessive heat and humidity which followed you throughout most of the race, sacrificed over 100 hours of sleep, worked through and overcame an early achilles tendon injury, talked yourself through unimaginable periods of exhaustion, ignored body muscle pain, and found ways to approach each day (and night!) with renewed energy. With the Appalachian mountains and over 90% of the race behind you, kick it up big time, RAAM-BO, and take it to the Finish Line. Give it all you’ve got…….and feel the magnetism of Annapolis (together will your heroic crew and cheering fans) pulling you to the end. Know we are with you all the way!

Bob and Pam


One thought on “The Most Glorious Day Yet!

  1. Congratulations, Michael! What a great achievement. I’ve been rooting for you and honored to be on any team that includes you. Now put on your compresson tights and get some rest!

    Sharon McNary

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