RAAM Finisher … almost

Michael, We are so proud of you and your unwavering perserverance. Your almost there. Wish we could be there to cheer for you as you ride through the finish line. What a beautiful sight for Nicole and Dylan to see! We’re praying for your safety and a well deserved rest at the end of this incredible ride. Can’t wait to see you when you get back.

Love Jim and Barb



8 thoughts on “RAAM Finisher … almost

  1. Glued to the webcam watching you finish RAAM when 1/2 the field dropped out! Just hit 3000mi, 21 to go, in the dark. Somehow you’re still standing, sprinting for traffic lights, willing your depleted body to the finish, fighting the urge to just fall over and sleep. Just don’t know how you’re doing this.. amazing

  2. Michael,

    You are a SUPER HUMAN CONQUERER!!! GO, GO, GO Michael!!!

    We are awestruck and honored to follow your Race Across America all the way through the FINISH LINE!!!!

    Extra special thanks to your wonderful wife, Nicole, and the entire crew for taking such outstanding care of you during this MOST challenging event!! Bravo to every one of you!!

    Hugs and love,
    Tracey and Chris

  3. Annapolis, Here He Comes! And What a Great Finish it Will Be!

    With less than 40 miles left to go Michael, we know there so is much going through your head right now. The adrenaline must be running so high while the body begs for rest. First and foremost, let the moment soak in and realize and appreciate what you have just achieved! Congratulations to a remarkable athlete and human being! You are amongst the 200 people in this world to have ever FINISHED RAAM! Is that absolutely incredible or what!!!!! Only the finest and fittest could take on and complete such a rigorous race and work it to the finish. Only the courageous could continue on when the end seemed so far away. Only the determined could fight til the end. Only the greatest look at this incredible journey and humbly share the glory with those around them (aka Your Astonishing Crew, Nicole and Little Dylan) You have achieved and far exceeded each and every one of these, Michael, in so many ways. For the past 11 days we have been consumed watching your RAAM race and your unbelievable determination and perseverance, your personal commitment to finishing RAAM and your bravery when faced with adverse situations. You fought to the end and worked so incredibly hard to beat the odds and finish this race…and YOU ARE DOING T RIGHT NOW! . You have openly invited each of us to be a part of this race with you we thank you for this wonderful opportunity. You have pushed yourself to the limit and taught us so many life lessons throughout your journey. You, nor we, will be the same after witnessing such a fierce struggle and incredible sacrifice by an individual to do everything that it takes to make a dream come true. All things are possible when you believe!

  4. Hooray! You Did IT! Just saw your time post on the RAAM website. Congratulations Michael on an incredible race and such a strong finish! What a tremendous accomplishment this is. Don’t know about you but I’m exhausted and pretty darn emotional from the race….. so knowing that you’ve successfully completed RAAM 2009, I’m headed to bed! We’ll see Nicole, Dylan and you back in CA. Must say you had an unbelievable crew with you through the ride. Hope you all sleep well tonight — I’m certain you will! Again Congratulations!


    You have mastered, and accomplished a feat beyond human belief!!!!!

    You are a TRUE HERO and INSPIRATION to ALL!!!!!

    Huge hugs and love,
    Tracey and Chris

  6. Watching you follow that escort into the finish line was truly inspiring, I’m honored to have gotten to watch that first hand and I think I speak for all when I say you are absolutly amazing. Cheers!

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