Life is relative

If there is one thing I’ve learned through this journey is that everything in life is relative.  Up until today I would have never considered a 240 mile bike ride to be home stretch.  But to Michael and his crew it is.  Over the steep grades of the Appalachian mountains through the night and a few hours of sleep puts Team Cook into position to capture a dream.  I spoke with the crew and their spirits are good, they are still focused on the details left to complete the task they set out to do 11 days ago and are in striking distance of grabbing the prize.  After all of the hot weather he’s ridden through he had his coat and leg warmers back on this morning coming down the 9% grades with temps in the 60’s and some rain drops.  With less than a day to go and among the 8 riders left on the course (4 have finished) it really is home stretch.  Go Michael.  Hear the cheers of the people who are watching you now.


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