Hello West Virginia

Michael is closing in on the last 300 miles.  The crew is working hard to make sure they do everything they can and are so supportive and critical to this journey.  From tending to the details of his hydration and nutrition, massaging Michael’s mucsles, sleep, pace, staying on the course to taking care of their own needs they continue to work overtime to finish this race.  Everyone watching believes the finish line is soon to come. 

The good news is the weather is a bit cooler in West Virginia and as they climb in altitude through the Appalachians it will get cooler, especially at night.  There are some challenging climbs ahead through tomorrow morning.  Go Michael and crew – keep your focus, don’t let anything take away what you’ve worked so hard for, what you deserve.  Here are a few pictures from the crew taken in the last few days. 



2 thoughts on “Hello West Virginia

  1. RAAM and Western States going on simultaneously now. I’m tapering for Tahoe Rim and chomping at the bit. I’m living vicariously through Michael now. Channeling my energy… channeling my energy. BIG PUSH to that glorious finish!!!!!!!!

  2. Keep up the good work, Michael and team! Sounds like you had logged some good miles – keep rolling and you’ll be in Annapolis before you know it.

    The good news is you’re almost to Annapolis – the bad news is that they made it an “out & back” race this year!

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