Head for the Hills

Through the night and through TS 42, Michael continues to ride and completely amaze his followers.  On the one hand we are beginning to feel like we are on the home stretch.  But, a 400+ mile home stretch seems a bit long to us mere mortals.  Today is his last day in moderate hills and tomorrow morning he’ll start the last big climbs of the race.  Through West Virginia will be both steep (not Rocky steep) and beautiful.  We’re counting on his strength in the hills and his “what a great way to see America” attitude to pull him up and through.  Keep the support coming as it has been crucial. 

If you want to follow along with GPS tracking and video (only 6 at a time) – http://www.mapmyathlete.com/raam.aspx?name=006713 

For just GPS tracking – http://www.mapmyathlete.com/vemap.aspx?name=006713 

Drop him a comment and tell him what you think.  We’ll yell it out the window or read it at a stop.  Michael, you continue to amaze us.


2 thoughts on “Head for the Hills

  1. I’m heading out the door to volunteer for the Western States 100 mile endurance run that started an hour ago. Probably by the time I log back in tomorrow Michael will be less than 100 miles from his finish. Wowweeee! Keep it up! Even though we don’t have balloons or Chinese food, your fellow CIM pacers, Tim, Bill, Bruce, Mike H, Trish, and many others are all pulling for you.

  2. Michael,

    There are no words to describe the true respect you have from those watching you fullfill your dream. This has become our dream too! To watch an amazing man with undeniable strength and courage dig deep within himself to push forward. As you continue your journey, your climb, we all are with you knowing you having everything you need to reach the finish line. Be Proud, stay strong and never give up following your dreams!

    Thank you for taking us all on this incredible journey.

    We love you….

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