Climbing in West Virginia – < 300 miles to go

Michael is in the Appalachian mountains going through the last climbs of the race.  Riding in the dark with the lights of the follow vehicle (jeep) guiding him through the night.  Temps are in the 60’s although the humidity is still in the 70% range.  As he climbs to Gormania (TS46) the temps will drop into the 50’s.  Gormania is the highest point on the time station chart in this section of the race and he should be through with climbing when he gets there.  One thing for sure, he should have a spectacular sunrise in the mountains tomorrow morning.  Come on crew, snap some shots so we can all see it!  Go Michael.


6 thoughts on “Climbing in West Virginia – < 300 miles to go

  1. Michael,

    You may have to update your CIM Pacer profile. You state that your proudest achievement is the Davis Double because you didn’t think you could stay awake for 14 hours…. I’m sure that seems like a cakewalk now.

    The Western States is currently wrapping up in your hometown but you are still their local hero. I heard your name mentioned more than once while out working an aid station.

    You are my hero as well!

    Deirdre Greenholz

  2. Michael…it’s the final stretch man. Keeep Goooooing. We are with you. Never give in bro. Just keep digging. I am praying that these last hours will be not only hours of pain…but of reflection on the MAN that God has made you. A man of character….a man of strength….a man of perseverance….and a man who wants his life to count! God bless You Michael…..Keep Goooing!!!

  3. So you are in West Virgina, as I read bout your climb and the fact that you are in the “home stretch” I thought of this song and thought it would be great if you could somehow play this tune in your mind as you breath that country air.

    Enjoy the road ahead and the journey that has brought you here.


  4. I am going to bed to catch a few hours before heading back to Auburn to the finish of WSER100. All day while standing in the hot sun at Michigan Bluff all that I could think of was, “hmmmm, I wonder where Michael and crew are now?” So glad I got to come home for a few hours to see that HE’S ALMOST THERE! I love how long the list of time stations are now compared to the short list of places to go. You’re almost there!

  5. 270 to go. Keep up the push, Michael… you’ll be the ONLY Rookie to finish this year and you’ve already beaten a bunch of veterans… you might still catch one more! Totally amazing.

  6. Michael,

    Woo hoo, you’re on the home stretch! Stay focused in strong perpetual motion… You’ll be rolling into TS 53 in a matter of hours!!!

    We were reminded of your First Place finish in the Sierra Nevada Endurance Run and sooo many other longer races. Completing Race Across America will place you in a category above and beyond all other races!! Michael, you WILL be rolling through the finish line in no time!!!!

    …And then, may you enjoy a well deserved SLEEP. Just imagine, next week it will feel like a dream (oh, maybe with a touch of soreness).

    We’re cheering you through the finish line, and beyond.
    Tracey and Chris

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