The finish line is just ahead


When you paced us in Eugene I noticed 2 important things about you:

1. Calm and cool: When we reached the fork in the road at mile 15 and we had no idea which path to take because the course wasn’t marked, you stayed calm and kept your head about you while all others were losing theirs. Gathering advice from a local, you chose the right path and then assured your shaken comrades that we were still on pace for our goal and, in fact, still had some time in the bank. You took us from the brink of disaster to right back on course, steady as she goes in a matter of 30 seconds.

2. No Challenge Too Big mentality: You asked me if I had ever run the Western States and I laughed a little and mentioned something like “my mind can’t even comprehend that long of a race”. You replied that the Western States “isn’t that big of a deal” and “it’s just like a marathon….only its a 100 miles instead of 26.2″. Guys like me hear the words “100 miles” and can’t wrap their heads around it. But the length and variables of any race don’t seem to phase those select few that have sharp focus, fierce dermination and an overwhelming belief that there is no challenge they cannot overcome.

I’m not so sure I’ll ever reach the point where I believe in myself that way, but after witnessing your cool leadership in Eugene and after following your progress in this amazing race of yours, I can say without fail that I definitely believe in you.

The finish line is just ahead….



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