Since when is Chinese food a motivator?

When your friends are bringing it to you at the 2453 mile point of a race across the country, that’s when.  I looked up and Michael was going 28mph.  Either he was cruising down a hill or he smelled the Chinese food and visualized his friends with the pacer balloons greeting him – his first visitors during the race and it couldn’t come at a better time.  These are friends whose bond is one of helping others run marathon PR’s and qualify for Boston.  This group, of all people, knows what is going on.  Yes, you will make a huge difference.  Find a fortune cookie that says “RAAM Finisher” on the inside!!

I’ve spoken to his crew and we are bringing them Chinese food for dinner in Blanchester.  We hope we make a difference.


One thought on “Since when is Chinese food a motivator?

  1. Michael and Crew – Great to see you guys in Blanchester – I hope the sodium, MSG etc from the Chinese food powers you to a good night of riding!! Keep up the great work – we’re all pulling for you!!

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