Bloomington, IN – through TS38

Spoke with Michael at TS38 this morning and he’s focused on making enough progress today to get a shot at the finish.  Main challenges are sleep deprivation and his ankle.  Temps are nice this morning but the humidity is still real high.  The lightning last night was pretty intense with some strikes pretty close to the jeep.  Good call to stop and get some rest, which is a relative term at this point.  Let’s get as far into Ohio as we can.  A group of his Clif Bar pace group friends will be on the side of the road waiting and cheering him.  That may just be the visualization that will pull him through Indiana and in to Ohio.  From all I can tell, we are 100% in the grind it out phase right now and Michael has a lot of grind it out in him.

6 thoughts on “Bloomington, IN – through TS38

  1. Are you too young to have seen the greatest movie of all times, Breaking Away? Based on a true story of a biker (not unlike you) who decided he was going to compete with the big guys in Bloomington’s (IU) “Little 500” bike race. Nobody gave him a chance, nobody thought he could really compete at that level. But he had that intangible skill of believing in himself through the most difficult of times. And was rewarded in the end with a victory. You remind me of him…pushing on through the most difficult circumstances and never giving up. Your a “Cutter”! Go Michael!

    • History repeating… not a doubt in my mind. Michael, YOU are a champion. Dig deep, my friend – it’s in there.

  2. Michael,

    Good MORNING! Wow, you are now in the heart of basketball territory. BTW did you hear that Shaq was traded to Cleveland? Perhaps now he can help LeBron win a title? See even LeBron can’t make it through that long grueling season without some MEGA team players (just like you). So, I was remembering what you once told me about your dreaming of playing basketball, and now you are zipping through the heartland of basketball, and making another longtime dream of yours come true. How amazing is that? You are turning a DREAM into REALITY!

    Keep Riding Strong, and Dreaming Big it is what makes you the amazing person that you are!

    – Robin

  3. Good Morning Michael….Although humidity is still high, we are so pleased to hear that the temperatures have cooled a little providing some relief through these last legs of the trip. With a little rest last night and a rejuvenated mind for you and the crew, wanted to share a “quote of the day” as you pedal your way through Ohio:
    “To dream anything that you want to dream. That’s the beauty of the human mind. To do anything that you want to do. That is the strength of the human will. To trust yourself to test your limits. That is the courage to succeed.” Bernard Edmonds.

    You are a courageous contender and rider……keep the faith!

  4. Darris Blackford is participating in the Flying Horse Ride around Lake Erie on his Harley but took time to write . . . “Please give Michael my support!” Yes, Darris is texting Michael as he rides his motorcycle 600 miles around a lake . . . 🙂

  5. Michael,

    When you paced us in Eugene I noticed 2 important things about you:

    1. Calm and cool: When we reached the fork in the road at mile 15 and we had no idea which path to take because the course wasn’t marked, you stayed calm and kept your head about you while all others were losing theirs. Gathering advice from a local, you chose the right path and then assured your shaken comrades that we were still on pace for our goal and, in fact, still had some time in the bank. You took us from the brink of disaster to right back on course, steady as she goes in a matter of 30 seconds.

    2. No Challenge Too Big mentality: You asked me if I had ever run the Western States and I laughed a little and mentioned something like “my mind can’t even comprehend that long of a race”. You replied that the Western States “isn’t that big of a deal” and “it’s just like a marathon….only its a 100 miles instead of 26.2”. Guys like me hear the words “100 miles” and can’t wrap their heads around it. But the length and variables of any race don’t seem to phase those select few that have sharp focus, fierce dermination and an overwhelming belief that there is no challenge they cannot overcome.

    I’m not so sure I’ll ever reach the point where I believe in myself that way, but after witnessing your cool leadership in Eugene and after following your progress in this amazing race of yours, I can say without fail that I definitely believe in you.

    The finish line is just ahead….


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