A beautiful site

Ok, now I am repeating myself but the image below is the image that will forever be in my head when I think of RAAM 2009.  I am trying to get work done, trying to stay focused off the race and yet totally committed to support the crew.  I don’t know how Michael is going to make it but I believe he will.  Even if I could jump on his bike and take his place right now I could not finish the race for him.  So I leave the race for a period of time and with anxious anticipation I reopen the status screen below and when I see that he is still moving and moving well and I see the RV sitting at the next Time Station it hits me that this is what it is all about – doing this 53 times in 12 days.  All of your site comments are emailed to the crew and he gets them.  Incredible. 



One thought on “A beautiful site

  1. Hello from the Hann’s On Software office:
    I checked about 30 minutes ago on the MapMyAthelete site and saw that Michael was at TS39 — Hoorah!! I let everyone here in the office know he is continuing to make progress towards his goal.
    Now I see he is moving again, 24mpg and I am just awed — by his stamina, determination and perserverance. I am also in awe of his support crew, who have to be equally tired/stressed, and still keep on keeping on.

    To Michael: Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! We know you can do it!

    to the Crew: Thank you so much for what you are enduring to support Michael in this quest. He will get the medal, and you all deserve one, too, for your mighty work. Yeah, Team!!!


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