Through TS36 – Effingham, IL

The heat is oppressive.  No cloud cover today.  Humidity is high.  No real relief in sight.  Pace from TS35 – TS36 was 13.47 mph, his best since the early miles of Kansas over 600 miles ago.  He’s having to rest more but when he is going he is moving well.  The ankle is now black and blue and is being iced, elevated and massaged each stop.  The crew continues to give and they are in the red zone as well.  I heard there is a sense of discouragement that after all of this pain and suffering they are in last place.  I explained that there were 9 racers who at one point were in 5,6,7 place that had to quit in Kansas.  “It still feels like last when nobody can pass you”.  This is clearly a “lack of sleep” perspective.  Michael and his crew go from these lows to hard working, focused highs all through the day.  Word has it that a big reception by the Clif Bar pacer group in Ohio is going to meet Michael along the way.  I loved the following post on the website from one of them.  If there is one thing that Michael and Nicole will learn on this trip it will be just how many people care about them:

Speaking to, and better – seeing Michael and Jody last night on the video feed was AMAZING!! Holy cow Michael – you look so NORMAL. Yikes, a lesser person would be manic. Way to stay grounded, focused and positive. Thinking of you and what you are overcoming makes me choke up. Since crying is frowned upon here at Ohio State, I’ll stop typing now and say we are getting ready for your arrival. Look for the pacer balloons!!!

Just checked the GPS again before I submitted this post and he’s out there going 21 miles an hour again. 


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