Through to Illinois

With the Mississippi River behind him and countless cheering friends beside him Michael has moved into Illinois where he will start the slow climb to Annapolis, one small state at a time.  The site had another record number of hits yesterday and the support was nothing short of incredible.  Elevation is 416 at the Mississippi and will gradually increase until West Virginia where there are some hills peaking at 2321 in Gomania, WV and then the last 250 miles are gradually downhill to Annapolis. 

I’ll post a report on his condition and status when I get it.  The only report I’ve had today is that they were able to stop at their first Starbucks since leaving California and it was a huge morale boost for at least one of the crew!  🙂 

Here is a short note from the official RAAM Site.

Rudge and Cook

The last two riders on the road, Rudge and Cook are only seperated by 5 hours.

Both riders have passed through Mississippi River, 2059 miles into the race. Both riders are riding well and riding to the best of their ability.

Rudge is averaging 11.8mph to Cook’s 11.45mph.

Both riders have had their share of difficulty but the most important thing is that they are still here riding and they are still on track to finish before the cut-off.

This is a quality RAAM this year. We’re seeing some excellent battles in a thrilling race. The last few days of this great race are going to be very intriguing.


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