Michael Cook’s Friends and Family – repost

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June 25, 2009

By Vic Armijo

Michael Cook got a lot done during last night’s stop at the Washington, MO time station, staffed by Revolution Cycles. He chatted with friends, got his bike worked on, was interviewed, and got a meal and a change of clothes. Upon arrival he rolled to the front of the shop, asking shop owner John Hopkins, “Can you look at this?” as he reached down to demonstrate play in his crank arm.

While Hopkins attended to the bike, Cook took a seat in front of the shop’s computer where he was able to speak to and see some friends back home in Auburn, California. over an internet video connection. His chat over, I walked with him back to his RV and asked a few questions on the way. Asked if his RAAM has been good so far, he replied, “Yeah, given all the things that could have gone wrong. You expect that there’s going to be a lot of pain and a lot of variables. But I think overall it’s been a very successful experience.”

At the back of his RV I noticed this father’s day greeting, “We’ve got my little boy with us. So everyone is putting up with the baby in the tight spaces.” Meanwhile the shop had tightened a loose crank arm, but had discovered a bigger problem; his pedals’ bearing were worn out and Cook didn’t have a spare. The shops owner’s son had a fresh pair of the same model on his own bike and went home to get them. That’s service!

Cook is a RAAM rookie, having qualified at the Furnace Creek 508 where he took 8th place. “That’s a little easier race,” he said, one of the greatest understatements this reporter has ever heard, “We’ve got a great crew, the crew is just fantastic,” he said in closing, “Doing this without these guys would be impossible.”


One thought on “Michael Cook’s Friends and Family – repost

  1. Hey Michael,
    I was reminiscing the other day about a picture of you, me, Amy and Tim Wong. We were on a bike ride and stopped for a pic. of a sign that said population 4. Great memory. That same summer we watched the RAAM for the first time. 🙂

    That was probably 20 years ago bro…..YOU ARE DOING IT….W000000000H0000000!!!!! Go Go Go Go GOOOOOOOO!!!

    I’m With Ya!

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