Message from Michael

Got this text from Michael – “Stopped to eat with the crew and get ready for the night shift to Indiana.  Nicole read many of the emails to me while we ate.  All the comments mean so much”.


2 thoughts on “Message from Michael

  1. We’ve been watching Michael in awe for 8 days now, even staying up late. The only other time we’ve done that was watching Michael Phelps during the ’08 Olympics. You’re in good company, Michael, and we’re still watching!

    Troy & Robin

  2. Michael,
    Been watching your progress across the country and wanted to tell you that you’re doing fantastic. You’re moving right along at a good pace. Keep it up.
    I’ve been lucky enough to have crewed for 5 RAAMs and am qualified solo, so I have an idea of what you’re going through.
    Your crew is doing a great job keeping you motivated and moving forward.
    Stay in the moment and enjoy what you’ve accomplished so far!
    You’re doing it!
    Ed Fleming

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