You are 2/3 of the way there

The last post of the day before I leave Michael in the jeep headlights riding through the night and head for my comfortable bed for a good night’s rest.  The last two comments sum up the day and the moment quite well.

You are doing it Michael! Your are chasing a dream and it is becoming reality! You re 2/3 of the way there……2/3! It is just unbelievable! You have weathered (no pun intended!) cold, rain, wind, extreme heat and excessive humidity along the way and have conquered all. Keep the momentum going. Annapolis is getting closer and closer…’ve made it to T33 already and T53 is coming into view. We think about you constantly throughout the day and track your progress every moment we get the chance. We’re passing the word about your race to everyone back home so the crowd is getting louder and stronger as we cheer you through the next 1000 miles. Listen hard and you will hear us! You are our hometown hero! Rest Well….we pray for another productive day for you tomorrow! To the Crew — Awesome Job! How blessed Michael is to have each and every one of you right there taking care and watching over him. You’re helping him make this happen!!!!
” With ordinary talent and extraordinary perseverance, all things are attainable.” ~Thomas Foxwell Buxton (That’s our Michael!)

Bob and Pam

Like Bob & Pam said above, Michael has battled the extremes. I got to talk to him during T33 and he described the radical transitions between extreme heat of the California dessert and the freezing temperatures at 9000′ in Colorado, where he huddled in front of the heater in a 90 degree car. And then back to the heat and wind, and then pouring rain and cold.

He is a hero.

Ride on through the night, Michael.  We’ll see you in the morning on the other side of the Mississippi River.  Below is the screen where we are following Michael on with a second image of a closeup of the video feed.




One thought on “You are 2/3 of the way there

  1. Michael,
    I stayed with you until you got to #34, now you are on to my home state, Illinois. When you get to #36 you will be as close as you can get to where I went to college, good ol’ U of I. Just gaze to the north. You and your team are a true inspiration! Pedal On!
    -Bonnie P.

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