The places interstates don’t go

I go to bed – he’s riding.  I wake up – he’s riding.  And the places he’s riding by are places I’ve never heard of.  Ever think of planning a trip to Ha Ha Tonka State Park or visiting Roach, MO?  As Michael said a few days ago – “This is a great way to see America”.  It’s always somewhat of a relief when I see that he is still riding.  I know it is a battle between the pain and determination fueled by the support of his crew, the depth of his dream and comments from his supporters.  Comments keep coming in through the website and are read to him when he’s stopped and yelled at him when he is riding.  I hope he can catch a breeze off of the Lake of the Ozarks. 

Here’s what Dave says about your comments:


“Keep them coming. Folks have not idea how important these are when I am yelling them to him at 5 in the morning. I always get a great smile, and I can see the strength come back.”





2 thoughts on “The places interstates don’t go

  1. hey Michael!

    Keep up the good work…no interstates where we are!! We are storing cold ions for you!
    Hello to the crew!!! Particularly Dave…


  2. Michael,
    It is true. You are doing what most of us are not able to do but wish we could .
    Enjoy the moments, even if it’s with pain . Breath deep, the pain will come and go but the realization that you have accomplished something great will live with you forever. Good luck to you. Ride with the wind, Michael.
    I’ll look for you at the finish line.
    A fan from Baltimore, Maryland.

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