The National Weather Service weighs in on RAAM



3 thoughts on “The National Weather Service weighs in on RAAM

  1. Michael….remember that heat purifies. Heat causes all the precious metal to rise to the top and all of the dross is separated. Let this heat be a force to bring all of your character into action. All of the miles and training are going to be tapped into. You are more than ready for all of this. Simply draw from your well of character buddy!

    We R With You!!


  2. Michael,

    You’re uniquely prepared to handle all this heat with all the time you’ve spent running in the canyons over the last few years. Hey, just like WS in 95, peeople will tell stories for years on what it was like in RAAM 09 and who made it and who didn’t. Just remember, we’re all riding with you. Most of us will never do this event, but you’re the guy that represents what all the rest of us wish we could do. Not only that, we want to see a “normal” guy show everyone else how its done. When it’s all over, you have the best, as you get to return home to Nicole and Dylan and start planning the next expedition. You da man!


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