Team Cook

The crew finally found enough bandwidth to upload this video. 



3 thoughts on “Team Cook

  1. A little heat, a little rain can’t stop you.. You are stornger than ever! Listen to the finish line calling your name…… God Bless you and your crew… They are your strength, let them guide you and encourage you when you are weak and weary. This too shall pass.. and you will be feeling stronger and more determined as each mile passes you by.

    Keep going Michael…..You want it! You can do it!.

  2. Lucky number 365, 365, 365 days of the year… We’re seeing the power machine, Michael Cook #365 crossing the finish line!!!

    Go, go, go Michael… You’re closer than ever!!!

    Sending you all our love and strength,
    Tracey and Chris

  3. Dude, it’s just like Caddyshack, just play through it like Carl Spackler, the greens-keeper. The heavy stuffs behind you!


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