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It is interesting to read the RAAM site to hear the many, many other incredible jouneys that are unfolding.  People crashing, going to the hospital and getting back on the bike, the 2 lead solo racers coming in to TS42 at the SAME time, hearing of a team rider being chased by a dog and crashing at 30mph, nose bleeds through the desert, the accounts go on and on and substantiate the RAAM claim of the toughest cycling event on Earth.  Here’s a post that mentions Michael –

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Camdenton, MO.
June 24, 2009

By Vic Armijo

Late last night (or was it early this morning? It all runs together.) we were leapfrogging Team ViaSat (pass and shoot photos, stop ahead, shoot photos, on and on) and came across a rider who was pedaling quite a bit slower than the riders we’d been. “Holy Cow a solo!” my driver said. Sure enough, it was American RAAM rookie Michael Cook. Cook is currently in 12th—I hesitate to call it “last place” since there are so many riders in the premier category who were considered contenders, but have pulled out. To still be in the race well past the halfway point, and to still be healthy and moving forward well is no small feat.

I wasn’t able to speak with Cook or his crew, but here’s an account that one of his crew posted to his website:

“Clearly his body is wondering what the heck he is thinking and doing but he is giving it massages and resting it as much as he can when he is not on his bike. In looking at the average mph stats for the racers still in the race, Michael’s average is less than 1/2 mile per hour than the 6 riders ahead of him and 3/4 mile per hour than the 7th. Tomorrow will mark one week on the bike. This has been a tough day – the heat has been brutal and downright oppressive. From the interaction I had, I would have to say this was the toughest day of the race so far. The comments being left on the site really make a difference.”


7 thoughts on “Post from RAAM site

  1. Michael,

    What you have done and are well on the way to completing is nothing less than amazing, awe-inspiring, and truly inspirational to those of us who ride in the foothills. I check on your progress many times during the day and find myself cheering each time you hit yet another Time Station and at any updates of your progress. Keep hammering dude – even though we are not with your crew or riding along side of you we are pulling for you the whole way!!! You are awesome.

    To your crew – I know that you folks are one of the main keys to Michael’s success. I have crewed for an ultrarunner for 20 years of the WS – and know what it takes to be in the background and what pride you take in his successes. You guys rock! keep those spirits up and keep him rolling.

  2. Michael,

    The folks with RAAM are just learning something we all already know. You have tremendous strength and determination. They are making the mistake of underestimating you. You will not be denied! We are all with you. Stay strong!


  3. Michael, I’m just a “recreational” cyclist from Santa Cruz that has been following your journey. You are my inspiration for my little 100k charity ride this weekend. My hope and prayers are with you for a safe and complete journey to Annapolis.

  4. Michael,

    While I can’t say you’re inspiring me to do RAAM one day (I’m crazy but nowhere near that crazy!) your ride is pretty awe-inspiring. Keep up the good work – get through the low points knowing there’s a high point coming your way. More than halfway there – keep it up!!


    PS – Catching up on your ride, I now feel like a complete wuss now complaining about a warm marathon at Grandma’s this past weekend! You’re putting me to shame!!

  5. Michael —

    I can only imagine the effort you are making and the suffering you are enduring. When the dark thoughts come remember this is a lifelong memory you are creating, and in time, the bad parts will fade and the good parts will stay with you.


  6. You are a wonderful example of living fully for your precious son! Come to think of it, you’re a great model for me, a 55 year old retired lady who loves to bicycle! Keep up the great work! You are awe-inspiring!
    Cindy Maxwell

  7. WOW!

    Keep going … We’re all cheering for you.
    This is amazing stuff you’re doing!

    As for the support team … keep Michael safe.

    Randy (sitting on my lazy ass in the office)

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