Closing in on TS33

Michael continues to show endurance, strength and determination and based on his voice over the phone he is doing well.  We received an awesome audio file from a family following him and using our best low tech solution, played it on the computer up to our phone so that it blasted out of his cell phone on speakerphone.  All he could say was “How did you do that?”  Anyone who wants to record an audio file and send it to me, I’ll make sure he hears it one way or another.  Just remember, you need to sound like you are in a pep rally or something – your most excited, encouraging voice you have. 

Not a lot to report from today.  His plan going in to the race was to:  not panic, keep moving, keep it simple and try to cover 300 miles / day.  When I hear him on the phone I get the sense he is grinding it out and sticking to his plan.


One thought on “Closing in on TS33

  1. As with everyone watching your progress, I continue to be awed and humbled by your achievements. I see that you are within “spittin’ distance” of the Mississippi crossing. Best wishes and prayers go out to you and to your great crew. Keep on keeping on!!!


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