Update from Nicole Cook

Michael is digging deep today.  The 110 degree weather and humidity are oppressive but every crank of the pedals takes him that much farther away from Kansas and closer to the finish line.  This morning the enormity of this challenge hit him hard but he pushed through and kept going.  Around lunch time he was rewarded with a shower at the Yates Chamber of Commerce and felt good enough to play in the park with Dylan, who was so excited to have Papa around for a little while again.  On the way to Fort Scott he pointed to a billboard of an A&W root beer float – so we stopped in and cooled off with floats a few miles down the road.  Now he’s coasting the final miles to Time Station 29, trying to stay hydrated, cool and on the lookout for another pool he can jump into.  Looks like some clouds are rolling in so we’re hopeful for another little respite.


One thought on “Update from Nicole Cook

    Michael–Bob and I are soooooo proud of you!!
    Nicole and D-Man–we are amazed and inspired by the support system you are!!!

    Keep diggin’ deep…we know you can do it!!!

    love and miss you all!!

    miss amanda and uncle bob!!!

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