TS 30 Report

Had a chance to talk with Michael right before he pulled in to TS 30 (Weaubleau, MO) and his spirits were good.  Clearly his body is wondering what the heck he is thinking and doing but he is giving it massages and resting it as much as he can when he is not on his bike.  In looking at the average mph stats for the racers still in the race, Michael’s average is less than 1/2 mile per hour than the 6 riders ahead of him and 3/4 mile per hour than the 7th.  Tomorrow will mark one week on the bike.  This has been a tough day – the heat has been brutal and downright oppressive.  From the interaction I had, I would have to say this was the toughest day of the race so far.  The comments being left on the site really make a difference.


One thought on “TS 30 Report

  1. Go Mike !!! We are so proud of you, you’re our inspiration. Hope you and Dylan continue to have fun, Nicole and give Mike a hug for us. Our boys will be following your progress the next few days. Love chip and becky

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