Through TS 27

Michael is on through TS 27 and it looks as though this is where he spent the night.  Not knowing exactly where he started yesterday it appears he made, or came close to, his 300 miles per day goal.  He has moved in to 10th place and is in striking distance of some riders when the time comes.  It seems that survival is a good goal at this time and wait and see who is left to go after.

Checking the local weather in El Dorado, Kansas there is good news and bad news.  The good news is there is no longer a heat advisory.  The bad news is that it has been replaced with an excessive heat advisory.  Talking to Nicole last night she had ultimate confidence in his ability to make it through to the finish.  She said “he trains in all conditions so he is ready in all conditions.  This is what he does.”  Today will be a lot like yesterday except the humidity will go up in Missouri and there should be some more rolling hills.  He is 120 miles to Missouri and another 250 to the Mississippi River. 




One thought on “Through TS 27

  1. Michael,

    I’ve been following your progress daily and have felt incredibly inspired by your journey. I remember vividly the moments of truth I faced in the last 6 miles of the Eugene Marathon and it blows my mind that you’ve had the incredible strength, determination and will to dig deep and call upon yourself to scale that Wall every day, all day for an entire week through the toughest of conditions. Unbelievable! I have the deepest respect and admiration for you and have no doubt you will reach Annapolis victorious. You are a winner in every sense of the word. Keep up the great work!


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