Reaching into the soul

Conversation with Dave this morning in the follow vehicle reveals how far Michael is reaching in to his body and soul to make it through this race.



2 thoughts on “Reaching into the soul

  1. Michael….I just checked in and got the updates….I just cannot believe what you are doing man!! Wish I could be riding beside you! Keep digging down Mike. Your soul is deep….very very deep. Keep digging keep going!!

  2. Michael – Just off the phone with Nicole…sounds like you are getting a much-deserved shower. It’s all about the little things! I was on a longish run this morning and felt pretty sluggish. I hindsight I was WAY behind on fluids, and it made me ponder just how critical the hydration piece is to your race, especially in the heat. So keep that body fueled up, and keep those electrolytes in balance! It continues to be great fun tracking you throughout the day. And like all the others have said already, it’s just flat out amazing to see you doing this. KEEP IT UP! Lee

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