RAAM Blog updates

It’s been a real challenge keeping the blog up to date on this old machine but we’re making it and Michael is making his way through Kansas. 




3 thoughts on “RAAM Blog updates

  1. Go Michael!! Remember so many people are pulling for you including your unbelievable team! There will be In-n_Out waiting for you when you get home(=

    God Bless,
    Robin Soares

  2. Michael,

    Have you now become one with the bike? And as one you are confronted with forces of nature, both the beauty and the temperature. Just remeber that with every breath you take you are closer … closer to inner peace, closer to god, closer the next stop, closer to the next state, closer to Annapolis!




  3. The mind is powerful, believe in yourself, find that inner strength and see yourself complete your dream.

    Feel connected, feel strong….keep moving. Feed your soul and your mind and your body.

    Listen to that voice inside… I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…… 🙂

    Stay Well, Stay Focused, Stay Positive…

    You CAN and WILL finish…WE know you CAN!!

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