Words of Encouragement

When you post a comment on the site, you may think it goes to a black hole since you can not see it. You may think that others are not posting. But, they are. And when a comment is posted, it is emailed to the jeep and yelled out the window. Listen to the interview from Dave this morning. They are making a huge difference so keep them coming and spread the word. 100 miles to the half way point.

Here’s one that just came in – You’re doing great! Keep it up and remain focused! Ride through the pain and enjoy the tailwinds and downhills! You’re doing what you love with the people you love! How much better could it get!?”

Now that will accelerate his cadence.  Go, Michael, go!!!

9 thoughts on “Words of Encouragement

  1. Hey Michael – The Clif Pacers here in Ohio are watching you closely and looking forward to giving you a Buckeye welcome very soon. Warning: do not wear navy blue and gold when you ride through this state 🙂 Scarlet and grey would be a good choice. You rock man. Keep it up.

  2. Micheal i’ve bene keeping track of your progress and bragging about to friends a co workers! We are all amazed at how you are doing and I look forward to checking in later today to see where your at. Keep trucking!

  3. You are doing what others only dream of!!!

    Go Michael Go

    Just keep peddling just keep peddling (sung like dory from NEMO! :0)


  4. Brother Michael,

    The whole Clif Gang in Columbus is following your progress and pulling for you and the Crew. We will be ready and waiting when you get to Ohio. We will practically carry you through the state, if we have to. Keep the legs churning and the wheels turning.
    All the best to you & the Crew.


  5. Hey, Michael:
    We’ve got a BIG jar of M&M’s here in the office. We are adding one M&M for every mile you ride (may need to start another jar soon). It is a vivid reminder to us all of the effort you are making — plus something for you to munch on when you get back.
    We are all rooting for you, Michael. Keep on pedaling!!
    P.S. To the crew — thank you so much for your support, encouragement, persistence…. Michael could not make his goal without you.
    Blessings to all!
    -Randi Vessels-

  6. Dave – Did you know your famous? Front page of the Sunday Outside section of the Sac Bee. Everyone is talking about it! Say hey to Dorothy if you see her. Tell Michael to pick up the pace if Toto grabs a tire.

  7. Michael,

    My mind can’t even comprehend the amazing challenge you are conquering… I’ve been tracking you and cheering for you every day. Keep pushing, I have no doubt you’ll kick some serious ass!

  8. Michael-It is pretty amazing to see what you have accomplished. Keep on pedaling, each pedal is closer to reaching your dream. We’re all behind you each step of the way.

  9. Go Michael Go!

    We’re all here rootin’ you on from home! To dream the (almost) Impossible and be so determined to make it it happen — what an inspiration you are to all of us. What you have already accomplished is far greater than any of us can imagine doing, Michael. Keep pedaling away…You’ve got an awesome crew plus your huge fan club back home right here with you and following you all the way to the finish!

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