RAAM Video – Nutrition / Hydration Plan

This video was created by the RAAM media crew and posted on their site, linked here for all of the Michael Cook fans who come here for information first!!  Beyond the info on nutrition and hydration, look at how much this crew cares for Michael.  You guys absolutely ROCK!

All credit goes to the RAAM Media crew for this video (although they did post it on YouTube so I could link to it on our site!)


One thought on “RAAM Video – Nutrition / Hydration Plan

  1. Go Michael Go! We’re all here rootin’ you on from home!

    To dream the (almost) Impossible and be so determined to make it it happen — what an inspiration you are to all of us. What you have already accomplished is far greater than any of us can imagine doing, Michael. Keep pedaling away…You’ve got an awesome crew plus your huge fan club back home who is right here with you and following you all the way to the finish!

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