Let’s hear it for the relentless Road Crew

Tired. We’re running on 0-3 hours sleep a night and it’s begining to show. However, if we need to do it on no sleep, no problem. Adrenaline is high with everyone. Shifts run about 7-10 hours for each 2 person team, then they do another 7-10 on the rv. Our downtime is putting together what Michael needs, repairs, finding auto part store for Jeep battery, etc. People are now taking cat naps whenever and if someone really needs the rest, there is always someone offering to drive another 7 hours, making driving time for some 21 hours.

We’re all rooting him on, and all agree this is an experience of a lifetime and thank Michael for including us.

Some days is ice and rain, some are desert heat. Some crew is going with less than one meal a day. Who has the energy to cook? And it doesn’t happen very often when a TS is by an eatery.

I’d like to thank Pete and everyone else cheering us on! Best western in taos gave everyone a deluxe king size room, free of charge. Pete arranged free use of a spa in colorado to take showers, and they actually gave us access to the entire facility. Unfortunately, only time for quick shower. Our morale is HIGH. Our spirits are HIGH. Cell phone and internet are almost non-existent so reading the posts on our phones is uplifting!!


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One thought on “Let’s hear it for the relentless Road Crew

  1. Great watching the video! Looks hot. Some advice from Ironman.. put a wet rag over the back of his neck. Attach it to the back of the helmet. A cooler neck makes the body feel cooler.

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