Kansas advice from Erik

Thought I would post this as a private blog entry and we can make it public after the race. 

Talked with Dave this morning and he was asking about possibly switching the sleep schedule to the day and ride more at night.  I called Erik Leamon, owner of The Ride bike shop where Michael’s jersey came from as he knows more about this stuff than anyone I know.  Here was his advice in a list format.  I know you guys probably know all of this but it’s reinforcement for you, especially as you are tired and working day and night to reach the goal. And great job by the way.

  1. Watch very closely for any signs of dehydration.  These are: not sweating, not going to the bathroom, chills when it is hot, light headed, no interest in eating.  This is the #1 thing to avoid because recovery is difficult.  It is on the list of things that could put him out of the race.
  2. Don’t change the sleep patterns.  You could introduce a jet lag effect.  He likened it to going from working days to nights, it takes some time to adjust and will throw his internal clock off.  If anything, take a longer break in the hot part of the day. 
  3. Crew needs to stay really positive and energetic around him – even though you guys are dying too.  Small seeds of doubt will spread like wildfire.  Don’t have any of them around him. 
  4. Spray water on him; have him pour it through his helmet if he needs to. 
  5. Protect him from the sun BEFORE he gets burned.  You will have to remind him to put sunblock on or just put it on for him when you are stopped.
  6. If he has some kind of a sweat rag or doo rag (sp?) that he can put under his helmet, use this.  This keeps the body temp / moisture in as we loose this out of our head.  This will protect him from the sun as well. 
  7. Constantly remind him how confident you are in him and how many others are watching and supporting him – yell those comments out to him.
  8. Michael’s goal is 10 days.  He can mentally keep that goal.  The crew’s goal is to make sure he finishes.  I still believe we will meet one or both of these goals.  Right now, our only goal is to get out of Kansas!!!!

You guys are doing an awesome job and will be over half way there by the end of the day.  Michael is still very much in the race and his position is good.  There is a lot of riding left and he’ll have some opportunities to make a move before this weekend.  Next week this time you’ll be back in California.  Enjoy Kansas while you can.

I’m here – whatever you need.  Sorry, Valerie, I can’t get you a Starbucks.  It’s just not a middle of nowhere Kansas thing. 

I’ve copied Erik on this email and he can add anything he wants and he is willing to help in any way he can.


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