Calling all Supporters – do this now

One of the things Michael’s high tech crew does is blast music from an MP3 player outside the jeep so he can hear it as he rides.  We are putting together a special Thursday morning mix for him and need your help.  We would like you to put together an audio file (.wav, etc.) and send it to Matt Lager at  He is going to put together a music mix with all of your words of encouragement.  Get these to us as soon as possible.

Here’s how to do it.  Turn the microphone on and say “Hey Michael, this is ___________.  You are [awesome | incredible | amazing| your adjective].  <then yell your message – 2 or 3 sentences, remember to yell it with enthusiasm>.  The music will fade while your voice comes in.  This need to be in one of the most fired up, encouraging voices that you have.  If you don’t know how to make an audio file, ask or one of your friends (or probably one of your children) who can help you. 

We want a real big response to this so spread the word.  We’ll mix the mp3 file and send it to the jeep to be blasted to Michael.  Send as many as you want, we’ll work them in.  Contact me at with questions. 



4 thoughts on “Calling all Supporters – do this now

  1. Michael,

    Someone once said, “The five S’s of sports are:
    stamina, speed, strength, skill, and spirit;
    but the greatest of these is spirit.”

    Your spirit is awesome, hang in there!

    Kim McPherson

  2. Message from Kelly Mann, President and Chief Executive Officer


    It is great to see the progress that Michael has made. Please send him a note of congratulations from me. I wish him the best on the other 1500 miles. Great job.


  3. Michael,

    Whoa! Sounds like you are tearing up the road and hearing all the cheering we have been doing all the way back in CA. Should have sent you some red glitter shoes to wear for the ride in Kansas, and a small dog to put in the front basket. Soon you will be able to say; “I don’t think we are in Kansas” …. YIPPIE!

    Keep riding strong … and keep listening in the wind for our cheers!


  4. You look great, Michael! Some great photos coming back. Will look great in the magazines. Hey, if you ever think you’re not going fast enough, we can see on the video that your legs ARE going fast. Just keep trying to relax, follow the plan, and every once and a while, smile 🙂

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