And then there were 12

Christoph Strasser was in 5th place at TS 22 and was last seen going through TS 24.  That was yesterday.  He has had medical issues and has abandoned the race after TS 24 (Greensburg, KS).  The remaining two Canadian riders have dropped out of the race after TS 26 (Maize, KS) and TS 27 (El Dorado, KS).  They were in 6th and 7th place.

This morning the crew was working their tired minds to make sure their strategy for Michael was right and they were doing all they could do.  They were legitimately concerned about how to make it through the sweltering heat they would face today.  Seeing 3 more riders DNF today reminds you how important each decision by a rider and their crew is.  Just got off the phone with Michael where I caught him at a stop a few miles before the Maize, KS time station and he sounded good but a little tired of all of the bugs in the air, the humidity and the heat. 



One thought on “And then there were 12

  1. Michael,

    May the night air cool your tired mind and body, may you find strength in the calmness of the night to carry on. The angels are watching and they shall guide you into the night safely. Fear not, you are never alone. You have everything you need right now at this moment. Have Faith!!

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