Results through 19 – 2 more DNF

The RAAM site was delayed in getting these results posted and we finally see that Michael is in 11th place and one of the riders ahead of him has dropped out.   Michael is feeling very good and even offered to help one of his crew clean out the jeep at a stop!  Come on Michael!  🙂  Somewhat of a tail wind now and moving into cruising mode, looking forward to see how his strength matches up over the next challenge which is the long, everything looks the same western New Mexico, Oklahoma panhandle and Kansas.  The crew is craving a Starbucks but according to, there are not any in sight. 


One thought on “Results through 19 – 2 more DNF

  1. Michael – On Monday I’m looking forward to devoting plenty of work time to keeping up on how you are doing. Thanks for giving me an opportunity to slack off! Go Michael Go! But not too fast on that downhill at night…

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